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mittlerweile gehört wohl die Sunny Group auch auf unsere Liste


wegen Nichbezahlung einiger Spieler und ebenfalls keinerlei Reaktionen


Sunny Group Casinos:

Casino Fortune

Mapau Casino

Miami Beach Casino

Goldgate Casino

Poker Show

Mapau Bingo



das gleiche gilt auch für die nicht erfreuliche Lage von Joyland Casino,

wobei noch nicht einmal klar ist, wo die eigentlich lizensiert sind

Kahnawake ? Antigua ?

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das kann man natürlich sehen wie man will James, für ne Warnung reicht das allemal denke ich.


Sunny Group - not so sunny



Casino Fortune

Mapau Casino

Miami Beach Casino

Goldgate Casino

Poker Show

Mapau Bingo


Software provider: Cytech?

Licensing Jurisdiction: Antigua

Added 16 November 2006


What's up with the Sunny Group?These guys have been in business for years and are one of the pioneers of online gaming. But even so, the Sunny Group knows better. Over the past couple of months there have been a number of complaints that were submitted at Casinomeister, but the operator and his managers have remained silent. Most of these player problems concern non-payments. Here is a sampling:


The problem: I requested a withdrawal of 700 from this site on Oct. 6, 2006. On the same day I also requested a 100 withdrawal. The 100 was processed but I never got the 700. I sent emails to all the addys listed above and have not received a single reply. In my account log it says that the cashout was declined and then it shows it as resubmitted on Oct. 13th. Its status is now pending...


I would appreciate any help you can give me... would love to get my money. I feel cheated since I deposited money and have been waiting for a cashout all this time. And their lack of support is very sad... not a single response to numerous emails. Also please warn your members about Mapau... I would hate to see anyone else have the problems that I and my friend have had trying to get our money.

The problem: Hello, On Dec 4th, 2005 I got a Royal Flush. After I made a withdrawal they promised me by email that I will be paid $2000 per week, but as of this moment, They have not completely paid my withdrawals and ignore my emails in the last couple of months for getting a status of my last $2832 payment. Please your help, thank you.

The problem: I made a withdrawl on 26th September 2006 for £1500. There were no bonuses attached On 3rd October I received an email asking me to sign a form containing my list of credit card transactions. I did this and sent it back by email. After several days my withdrawal was still waiting so I sent another email making sure that they had received my form. No reply. Since then I have sent 7 emails to the above addresses. I tried to phone but always get a message saying that the number is unavailable. Online support don't answer and sometimes the icon isn't even present on the page. I have never had a problem with this group before and I am getting desperate with Christmas coming up, and I don't know what to do next. Can you please help

The problem: I hit a pat royal back in April, and was even featured in the casinos newsletter. Since then, they have been horribly slowpaying my $42,000 cashout. So far I have only received $20,000 of it, and that is after a LOT of complaining via email, live chat, and posts on Winner Online. In the beginning they promised me $2000 a week in payments. If that were true, I would be completely paid off already. I withdrew on April 17th. I am worried they are going to stiff me for the rest because of the new law in the US. : I have a copy of the newsletter they featured me in with my win as well as a screenshot of my win and everything else not that they're trying to dispute any of that..... they are just slowpaying or possibly no-paying at this point I think it is ridiculous that I am not paid my win half a year after the fact. It makes me very angry.

The problem: They give me the run around, they ignore the emails sometime, sometime they say they pay but simply does not pay. I have to fight for any small payment from them. I played at February 2006, I won $20,000 and they processed only $6000. It has been 8 month and they processed only small part of my cashin. 3 times $2000 to be accurate and it was a pain in the ass to make them pay even that. Help

The problem: I won $2600 US. It was on March 2006. They never paid. I sent my documentation couple of times. They always promise at live chat they will pay. Please contact them and try to enhance the payment

The problem: I have a big cash out problem with Casino Fortune and Mapau casino.I have two withdrawals at them. One $3800+ dollar and the other one- about $1750 dollar. I made my cash out first time at these casinos in December 2005. Since then i didn't receive the money. Recently, i wrote a lot of emails to the different addresses of the casinos-not a single one was replied. Then i started calling them on the phone. Usually the answer was that the cashier man is absent or that the system is down or something else. Finally i got to talk to somebody called Damian. He promised to pay in several days. No need to say- i wasn't paid on the promised date. Then i called again and again. And now- their phones don't answer and i am worried about what will happen to my money. Please, contact the casino and ask them why they don't process my cash outs. Thank you

The problem: They give me the run around, they ignore the emails sometime, sometime they say they pay but simply does not pay.I have to fight for any small payment from them.I played at February 2006, I won $20,000 and they processed only $6000. It has been 8 month and they processed only small part of my cashin. 3 times $2000 to be accurate and it was a pain in the ass to make them pay even that.

These are but a few of the complaints submitted at Casinomeister. Avoid these casinos at all costs.

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So so, demnach hast Du wieder mal beim berühmten

Casinomeister nachgelesen....


Ob die Geschichten stimmen - wer weiss es, zumal die

Story von dem, welcher 20 000 gewonnen hat, ein

wenig seltsam klingt...:rolleyes:


Werde recherchieren und mich melden, wenn ich

was konkretes finde.


Good Luck


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James, das sind nur ein paar Auszüge von den Problemen und ob das nun vom :icon_pray: oder von wem anderes stammt, spielt doch keine Rolle, Tatsache ist, das es diese Probleme gibt.

In nächster Zeit werden wohl noch des öfteren diesbezügliche Probleme von Gruppen oder einzelnen Casinos auftauchen.


Du kannst ja diese Warnung ignorieren und Dein Geld bei der Sunny Group investieren, hoffentlich gewinnst Du einen hohen Betrag und hoffentlich zahlen die dann auch aus.


Aber nicht, das Du nachher schreibst, ich habe da ein Problem mit der Sunny Group.:rolleyes:


viel Erfolg



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Beim Mapau wurde mir auch noch gemeldet, dass es Probleme

beim runterladen der deutschen Version gab. Dazu und zu den

Auszahlungen habe ich von Mapau folgende Meldung erhalten,

ob man damit was anfangen soll, ist jedermanns eigene Sache und

Vorsicht ist grundsätzlich überall angebracht:


Vielen Dank für deine Email. Bitte folge diesem Link http://banner.mapau.com/cgi-bin/SetupCasino.exe um die neue Software herunterzuladen und zu installieren. Solltest du trotzdem Probleme haben, bitte melde dich.

Es ist traurig solche Gerüchte zu hören. Allerdings kann ich dir versichern, dass alle unsere Gewinner ausbezahlt werden. Auszahlungen nehmen wir sehr ernst, denn hier geht es um das wohl verdiente Geld unserer Mitglieder. Die Zufriedenheit unserer Kunden liegt uns sehr am Herzen. Wir sind sehr bemüht unsere Kunden zufrieden zu stimmen, sodass sie Spass daran haben bei uns zu spielen.

Falls du irgendwelche Probleme, Wünsche, Anregungen und Beschwerden hast – ich stehe dir gerne zur Verfügung.

Ich wünsche dir einen wunderschönen Valentinstag.

Herzliche Grüße,

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